Friday, March 25, 2011


1. What is your favorite month and why?

2. What is your least favorite month and why?

3. What is one thing you have started that you wish you would have finished?

4. If you could have picked your own name what would you have chosen?

5. If you have been, what is your favorite exhibit at the Henry Doorly Zoo?

Have a good weekend friends!


Anonymous said...

1. June because my birthday is in that month.
2. January because it always goes so slow.
3. Can't think of anything
4. Samantha
5. Aquarium

Love you mommy,

Sherilyn said...

1. June and July are tied....b/c it's summer!!
2. January....long, cold, dark and all the pretty lights and decorations come down.
3. Stuck with piano longer
4. I like my name but I also love the name Delaney which wasn't really a "name" when I was born. If I were going into witness protection I would choose Delaney.
5. It's kind of a toss up between the giraffes and the penguins.

Rhonda said...

1. October. I love fall and it's my birthday month.
2. Not sure.
3. Kept going to WW b/c it's hard to start again.
4. When I was little I always loved the name Kayla.
5. The Cat House!!! It's one of the best. I also like the Lied Jungle.

Sam said...

1. September, football starts, sweatshirt weather and football starts

2. February, cold, football is over and baseball hasn't started.

3. guitar and dance lessons

4. Bo or Reggie

5. the gorilla's, make me laugh every time.

janny said...

1. June, you have the whole summer ahead.
2. March, I am tired of winter.
3. Many craft projects.
4. Something like Bailey or Reagan.
5. Penquins or aquarium.

sotawalkers said...

1. July Summer Summer Summer Hot
2. March Waiting Waiting Waiting Spring
3. Scrapbooking kids years.
4. I like mine.
5. All of it!!!

Jane said...

1. June, because I can just hang.
2. Jan. and Feb. cuz it is just hard.
3. Scrapbooking, saving money, knitting, sewing, Harry Potter series, cleaning the garage.
4. Rachel Dove
5. Penguins, but I really like them all. I got to hold a penguin there once.